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MPN: 183900   AVD#: LTO Ultrium 3

Maxell's LTO Ultrium 3 cartridge employs one of Maxell's latest innovations, NeoSMART Technology. NeoSMART (Super Maximum-capacity Advanced Reliability Tape) integrates seven leading-edge technologies in the manufacturing of ultra high capacity magnetic tape media. NeoSMART technologies consists of: fine metal particles, advanced dispersion, ultra-thin coating, superior calendering, highly precise slitting, precision servo track writing, and high-performance cartridges. One of the key components of NeoSMART is Maxell's NanoCAP (Nano Composite Advanced Particles) technology. NanoCAP particles provide extraordinary tape performance as compared to conventional magnetic particles, with superior coercivity and extremely high saturation magnetization.

Maxell LTO 3 Ultrium Tape, also know as Linear Tape-Open, delivers superior data storage performance across a broad range of applications, including data interchange, network server backup/restore/archival, library automation, and near-online data access. Its "open" technology provides for multiple sources for media and drives, allowing purchasing options for end users.

The embedded 4KB LTO-CM (cartridge memory) stores both user and system generated data for high speed data searches and library cartridge management. The proprietary cartridge locking mechanism prevents tape movement and slack during transportation and storage.

Key Features

  • High 800GB compressed recording capacity, 400GB native capacity - 2:1 compression ratio
  • High speed 80MB/s native, 160MB/s compressed data transfer rate
  • 704 data tracks - 245 kbits/inch recording density
  • Advanced NeoSMART Technology employees best-in-class processes
  • Embedded 4KB LTO-CM (cartridge memory chip) provides accelerated access
  • Patented corrosion resistant Ceramic Armor metal particles
  • Advanced calendaring ensures smooth and even tape with consistent tape-to-head contact for low error rate
  • High Precision Servo Track (HSPT) keeps servo tracks perfectly aligned for precise head tracking
  • Servo format remains consistent, ensuring backward compatibility across all LTO Ultrium products
  • Long-term 30-year archival stability (store at 70 degree F and 40% relative humidity)
  • Rated at 1,000,000 passes
  • Rated at 16,000 complete reads
  • Proven error correction technology and data compression techniques
  • LTO Ultrium format specifications meet rigorous compliance testing
  • Clear plastic case

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